Are you interested in Japanese homes and authentic Japanese lifestyle?
“Yokoya Farm” allows you to experience seasonal Japanese lifestyles.

“Japan has traditional cultural events throughout the year, for example: The Bean-Scattering Ceremony in February, the Doll Festival in March, Boys’ Day/Children’s Day in May, the Star Festival in July, of Viewing of the Mysterious Full Moon in October.”
And Japanese people enjoy all seasons – They do cherry-blossom viewing in the spring, use Uchiwa fans in the hot summer, go to see the beautiful foliage in autumn, and enjoy company around a hot pot of boiling food while sitting partly under a heated dining table, called “Kotatsu”, in the winter.

We value this Japanese lifestyle, and we want to share it with as many people as possible.
Would you like to experience some of these Japanese lifestyles at our house, where our family continues to live from generation to generation?The house shines with authentic Japanese lifestyle because we actually live here with our family.


Mochi Pounding Event (Dec. 1~Feb 28)
~Making mochi and having Japanese traditional experience in winter !!~

To make rice cake, mochi, steam short-grain japonica glutinous rice, mochigome, and pound it while it‘s hot using a rice mortar, or usu, and a pestle, or kine. Not only for eating but also there is the culture in Japan that we decorate our house with mochi in the new year. (It called kagamimochi)

Period Dec 1 ~Feb 28
Price 7000 JPY for one group (at most 4 people, and it will cost an extra 500 JPY per person for more)   (children 6 years old or younger is free)
Duration 11:00 or 14:00 (2 hours)
Reservation Reservation is required by the previous day

More details can be found here

Apple Picking Event(Oct. 11 ~ Nov. 19)
~Let’s enjoy picking apples and trying autumn foods~


You will pick large ripe apples from our orchard, and can eat them on the spot. After apple-picking, we will walk back to the farm house to relax over a cup of tea together. Please enjoy eating autumn foods, such as apples and other fruits, and dango (rice dumplings). If you are interested, we will create a tour and invite you into our home.

Period 10/11~11/19
Price 3000JPY  (children 12 years old or younger is free)
Duration 2 hours (13:30~15:30)
Reservation Reservation is required by the morning of that day

More details can be found here


Introduction of Yokoya Farm


“Yokoya” is the name of our house and of the apple farm that we run. The reason why our house has a unique name is because houses are usually referred to by the name of the family living in it, but since so many people in this area share the same family name, each house has been given a unique name.

Our house is up on a hill above Matsumoto, about 15 minutes from Matsumoto castle by car, and about 15 minutes on foot from Matsumoto Alpspark.
Our apple farm overlooks the city area, and is a very short walk from our house.It is very beautiful.

Our house is a classic farm house that has Japanese-style rooms and a garden and engawa (veranda in the house).
It has been lived in carefully, and passed down from generation to generation.

Seasonal flowers bloom in the garden, which attracts many kinds of birds.

We live in this home as a couple, along with our baby.