Sankurou was held in my town last Saturday. Sankuro is local fire festival. Primary school children gather pine of New year’s decorations and builds a tower. Then, they set fire to it and grill Dango (sweet rice dumpling) and eat. That festival has been held since a long time ago in all over the Matsumoto area . That was the first time for my daughter.

The Story House Cafe

My friends (a married couple) opened Cafe near Matsumoto Castle. They renovated old Ryokan drastically theirself for 6 months. In Japan,there is no culture of renovation, but will increase. “Share build” is receiving attention lately.

Tsukemono -a pickled Nozawana

Tsukemono are Japanese-style pickles.Vegetables are pickled in salt, rise brain,miso or sake lees. We pickle a large quantity in the same container. We used vinegar and the soup stock for pickles. I seem to eat all the time during winter because we made it a lot.

I made art objects with furoshiki

Furosiki is a wrapping cloth made of silk, cotton or synthetics. It has fancy designs on it and can be folded small not in use. I wrapped a tissue box and a basket and wine in furoshikis that was in my house since long ago. Those are really cute!!