Let me introduce about miso soup.

Let me introduce about miso soup that is essential for Japanese meal table today. Hi,I’m Asuka When you go to a supermarket in Japan, you might be surprised by lots of variation of miso. Here, Nagano prefecture where I live is large production of miso and there are some big miso companies.   It’s very easy to make miso soup! Boiling water in a pod, adding dashi and some ingredients in it Putting miso in and getting it melted at the end, and it’s done! (You should put miso at the end because its flavor gets weak when you stew it.) It’s a good idea to get dashi from niboshi or katsuobushi however it’s easy to use instant  dashi you can buy in supermarkets.   ※Niboshi – small dried sardines ※Katsuobushi – preserved, fermented skipjack tuna     It’s usual to put several ingredients in miso soup like some vegetables, tofu, aburaage(deep flied tofu) and seaweed. Some families put 5 or more ingredients in it for a busy morning when they can get only a bowl of rice and miso soup I also make miso soup every morning! (of course serving for guests as well)   Here is some miso […]

The harvest of apples in autumn has begun.

Lately it’s gotten cold at night in Japan. The apple is a delicious season. We began harvesting apples “Akibae”. Next week we will start to harvesting “Shinano Sweet”. Accommodation guests can walk apple orchard that has many big apple in this season! We are also waiting you for apple picking events!

Pickling Plums

In Japan, it’s time to pickle plums in June. Since a long time ago, farmers harvest plums in their backyards and make umeboshi (dried plums), karikari ume(crispy plums), plum juice and plum wine when the season comes. A lot of people even not farmers make umeboshi or plum wine by themselves and plums, bins for pickling plums and sugar candies are lined up in supermarkets when this season comes. There are lots of people make their living by plums, like plum farmers and companies make dried plums or plum wine in Japan. In addition, dried plums and plum juice are preservable for a long time so we can enjoy them for a year.   There are three plum trees in Yokoya Farm. I tried to make sugar pickles, shio-konbu pickles (pickled with salty seaweed) and plum syrup this year!! I shared left over plums with my parents and friends. Pickled plums will be done for one or two weeks. I wish everything will be good!!   ※Translated by my friend Ryohei.

I made “Hoshigaki ” (dried persimmons)

In autumn in Japan, in the countryside, we make Hoshigaki. I harvested astringent persimmons, peel the skin, tie it to the string and dry for about 2 weeks. It will become very sweet 2 weeks later! Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) are often eaten in the New Year in Japan. We also eat dried persimmons during the winter as a snack.

I pickled plums

I pickled plums. Since I harvested the garden plums (called‐ koume), I made plum pickles. Plum is a food that has been popular as preserved food in Japan from ancient times. Plums harvested in June can be eaten throughout the year as Umeboshi, plum pickles, plum juice and plum wine. This time, I tried to pickled sugar-base plum which my grandmother made every year. I harvested plums and soak it in water. mix salt and soak in water again After draining the water well, I put it in a bottle with candy, vinegar and shiso(Japanese basil). It will be eaten in about a week. Too much deliciousness, I can’t stop eating plum pickled!

The apple ‘s work has entered the busy season

The apple flower bloom earlier this month. Apple farmers entered the busy season. In Japan, most flowers are nipped off to grow apple big. When the flowers fall, the trees bear fruit. But we also nip off most of them. We leave just big ones and round ones. It requires a lot of work for growing big and sweet apple.

I made Miso!

We made Miso at friend’s restaurant. Miso is made with soybeans, koji(malted rice) and salt. First, Soak the soybeans in water. overnight. Soybeans contains water,  to swell and become bigger twofold. Then cook for about 3 hours in a pot. Even in this state it is also tasty! crush soybeans   Mix soybeans with koji and salt pack it in pot while drawing out the air. It will be miso in about half a year. Save in pickle cottage If it is delicious, I will use for dishes such as miso soup and simmered dishes! I also use it for miso soup to serve guests. I am looking forward to it after six months!!

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Matsumoto City

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Matsumoto City. Yesterday, there was a cherry – blossom party(Hanami) in my district. We ate Yakiniku and Yakisoba under cherry blossoms. We feel comfortable outside in this season ! We are looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms blooming every year. Cherry blossoms will be scattered in about a week. We Japanese love the cherry blossom tree which does bloom for only 2 weeks.]