I displayed Hina dolls ♡♡

March 3 is the day of the hina dolls’ Festival. That festival is centering on younggirls’growth and happiness. I displayed hina dolls at a tatami room. This hina dolls is my daughter’s one. My mother bought her that dolls. In Japan, there is a custom that grandparents buy hina dolls for a granddaughter when the first hina festival by her. Hina dolls supposedly take away the bad fortune of the girl who owned them. It is said that it’s better to have your own set of hina dolls rather than take over a set from your mom or ancestors. I need put hina dolls away by April 3 because tradition says that when you forget to put away, your daughter can’t marry(>_<)

Pruning of Ume trees

Ume (= Japanese plam) is need pruning in winter season. I pruned some Ume trees in my garden, and I brought the cut branches into the room. Two weeks later, Ume blossoms began blooming because the room is warm !!   Ume blossoms is very pretty ♡ The blossome of the real Ume trees blooms in March. Ume blossom tells us spring.


Sankurou was held in my town last Saturday. Sankuro is local fire festival. Primary school children gather pine of New year’s decorations and builds a tower. Then, they set fire to it and grill Dango (sweet rice dumpling) and eat. That festival has been held since a long time ago in all over the Matsumoto area . That was the first time for my daughter.

The Story House Cafe

My friends (a married couple) opened Cafe near Matsumoto Castle. They renovated old Ryokan drastically theirself for 6 months. In Japan,there is no culture of renovation, but will increase. “Share build” is receiving attention lately.

Tsukemono -a pickled Nozawana

Tsukemono are Japanese-style pickles.Vegetables are pickled in salt, rise brain,miso or sake lees. We pickle a large quantity in the same container. We used vinegar and the soup stock for pickles. I seem to eat all the time during winter because we made it a lot.

I made art objects with furoshiki

Furosiki is a wrapping cloth made of silk, cotton or synthetics. It has fancy designs on it and can be folded small not in use. I wrapped a tissue box and a basket and wine in furoshikis that was in my house since long ago. Those are really cute!!